Incola bułeczka




We are proud to introduce our latest sweet product. It is simply a Bun. Caramel, sweet just right and very special! It is our, literally, hot novelty! It goes well with coffee, but take it anywhere you want!

🍞 Two sweet buns in a distinctive, very colourful packaging! 🍞

Our Buns impress not only with their taste, but also with their unique packaging that catches the eye. Now you can enjoy the taste of an Incola-style gluten-free snack wherever you are.

🏃 A quick and easy meal wherever you want it! 🚗

Buns from Incola are a quick and simple meal idea for any situation. They are great as a daily breakfast or a tasty snack during work. Take them with you to school, on a journey or on a trip. This simple meal will work well during your favourite activities. No matter where or when, our buns are ready to make your moment more enjoyable. And even two moments – you will find two buns in the pack.

🌾 Gluten-free, wheat-free and soy-free product! 🌾

Our buns are made with those on a gluten-free diet in mind, but above all, they are meant to give a lot of pleasure! They are gluten-free, as certified by the crossed ear certificate. But it doesn’t stop there! Our recipe is also wheat and soya free.

🌱 Also suitable for vegetarians! 🌱

The bun is a product not only for lovers of a gluten-free diet, but also for vegetarians. Now everyone can enjoy this sweet product, knowing that they are fully compatible with their dietary preferences.

🎉 Share a taste of gluten-free deliciousness from Incola! 🎉

Get ready for a new experience! Flavour: caramel! Appearance: Highly energetic! Safety: certified!

Don’t wait – discover the Sweet Gluten Free Bun from Incola and enjoy gluten free taste.