Every day someone learns that they cannot or should not eat products with gluten.

Questions, emotions, fears arise….

Meet Aleksandra Mądzik author of the blog Pora na Majora! She will now tell her story, in episodes. You can follow her in real time on our profiles – on Facebook and Instagram!

Over the next few weeks, we will be telling you how she learned about and implemented a gluten-free diet, as well as a lactose-free and egg-free diet into her life.


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I looked at my friend – she can’t and I can do anything!
This was a few years ago, but I remember it very well! I flew to visit a friend in the USA for a holiday. We were to visit the national parks in the west together. In the morning we started packing the car, and she packed… a handy fridge. And in the fridge was food, specially prepared for this trip! I felt very sorry for her, I sincerely sympathised with her and looked on in disbelief.
She told me about her intolerances, how she copes and how she feels when she watches her diet.
Six months later… I did the research myself and it turned out that all my bloating and feeling bad were not without cause.


Can I really eat everything! Something is probably wrong… wonders our heroine.

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Ola and her gluten-free breakfast suggestion!

Imagine you’re at a house party, in your favourite company, sitting at a table laden with good food. And then there’s your bad mood. I was like that at practically most gatherings. Flatulence, stomach aches and I’d just love to go home and lie down.
I finally thought… It’s time for a checkup! And what did it turn out? It turned out that in addition to the expected lactose and gluten intolerance, I also have a very high intolerance to eggs. A mix of these things in the form of a breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bread with butter and coffee with milk made me very uncomfortable for several hours.
It didn’t stop there! It turned out that there were cases of celiac disease in the family. I had never been interested in this subject before, so I didn’t ask either.


My first feeling was fear!

I thought: what am I going to eat now that I’m not allowed to eat everything! Grocery shopping took ages as I studied every label carefully. I spent a lot of time in front of the computer looking for information from people in a similar situation!

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Over time, I learned which products suit me and are good for my body. Because I had to cook new dishes, I discovered new flavours. It all went slowly at first, but over time I got the hang of it and the new dishes were varied and tasty. Since then, when I go somewhere to visit friends or on holiday, I always take food with me for at least the first day or two. Now it’s much easier to buy something whether gluten-free or lactose-free. And without eggs? Yes – then I reach for the vegan stuff.


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The most difficult thing with food intolerances, in my opinion, is holidays. Unfortunately, not every hotel or guesthouse offers a ‘whimsical’ menu, but this can be remedied. I have learned that on a trip to the mountains, for example, I take gluten-free bread and some vege paste or jam with me. I am guaranteed to eat something that is good for my body and will not harm me on the trail. As well as this, I take snacks in my rucksack: nuts or fruit mousses or healthy bars (made from nuts and dried fruit).
This means that I have one extra bag in the car, just with food, but such organisation makes my life a lot easier later on and I don’t have to stress about whether and what I will eat. In a restaurant I always manage to swap the mash for regular potatoes or change the dressing in a salad, so it’s worth asking. In my opinion, it is definitely easier today than it was just a few years ago.
And we will give you a hint. It is worth looking at the website of the Polish Association of People with Coeliac Disease and on Gluten-Free Diet – in the tab MENU WITHOUT GLUTEN there are places which prepare gluten-free dishes for their guests. And what is important – there are more and more such places – and we are very happy about it!


I am an active person, a runner, and I love to be on the move. When it became apparent that there was so much I couldn’t eat, I initially thought it might be a problem to compose a proper meal before or after a run.
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I already have my patents for this too 😉

A nice way to go on longer runs, for example, is with cooked rice which I layer with good quality jam or jam. Before a run I like to eat rice discs spread with homemade nutella or a slice of gluten-free bread with jam. During the run a pre-tested gel and you can run forever.

Unfortunately, I cannot eat bananas and this restriction makes it very difficult for me to take part in competitions, for example. For runners there are usually bananas at the nutrition points or at the finish line. Well – if you can’t then you can’t, but I believe I will come back to them again one day.

And the run organisers are open to our, runners’ suggestions!
Have a good run! Be active in winter too 🙂



More and more restaurants are offering gluten-free or lactose-free dishes and that’s cool. If I’m in the mountains, for example, and it’s sometimes difficult to find such a menu, I save myself a salad or, for example, rice or potatoes with salad. I know from experience that sometimes it’s worth talking to the waiter and telling him about your intolerances, and he is able to change the dish so that it’s good for me. You can swap the mashed potatoes for regular potatoes or, for example, the dressing in a salad, or subtract an ingredient. I have never left the restaurant hungry, and sometimes we can inspire the chef to do something new.
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Our hint: there is now a website where you can check out venues with gluten-free menus! It makes things a lot easier!

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