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Incolak is an integral part of the Incola brand. This red, friendly creature knows exactly what a gluten-free diet is and the challenges that await every gluten-free person. He identifies with people on gluten-free diets and shares his ideas in a fun way. Follow him on Facebook Incola!

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Our gluten-free bakery products are four-time winners of the MOST TASTY GLUTEN-FREE BREAD consumer voting, in 2018 and 2020 editions. Competition category – gluten-free, long shelf life bread.

2020 Achievements:
1st place – INCOLA fresh bread with grains
2nd place – INCOLA fresh bread with poppy seed
2018 Achievements:
1st place – INCOLA fresh bread with grains
3rd place – Vitalfit dark bread


Gluten is a protein found in cereal grains and one of the most sensitizing nutrients. Our products are gluten-free, we also offer dairy-free products as well as and in addition we have non-clay products (casein-free products) and products with low lactose content. These products are 100% safe for people with coeliac disease and food allergies. Quality of our products is extremely important to us - to make sure that they are not only healthy but also their taste and flavour is as close as possible to equivalent products with gluten.

INCOLA - an inhabitant, being himself and pretending nothing. It needs no preservatives, dyes or synthetic fragrances. It uses no modified soybeans or trans fats. That is why we value our inhabitant!



Gluten free, without preservatives, high fibre content, low sugar...

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Gluten free, without preservatives, high fibre content...

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Gluten free, without preservatives, without colorant, without hydrogenated...

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Gluten free, vegan, flours, flakes, muesli and fast...

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About Company

We manufacture gluten-free food under the brand name Incola, launched in 2011. Our range contains close to 50 products and is being continuously expanded. Our production facility is in Bielsko-Biała.

Our products feature 100% safety and have been certified with:
– Crossed Grain certificate since September 2017
– IFS FOOD certificate since May 2017
– clean label.
We are very meticulous about the entire production process and with properly trained staff as well as cooperation with laboratories we pursue a continuous improvement of our products.

Incola was launched in Poland in 2011 and since its launch it has been under a constant development. We began with offering only a limited range of pastas, cereals and snacks. This range was gradually expanded with new product categories and core production of our facility shifted to gluten-free bakery and confectionery products.

Find out what consumers say about our products

I have tried gluten-free products from a number of manufacturers and now I know that Incola is the best! Yummy!

Natalia Stefanik, Poland

Incola pasta means a perfect taste. Incola bread taste most resembles the taste of “traditional” bakery products and I am pleased with their growing range and natural composition. Burger buns are just great! I am also grateful to Incola for buckwheat flakes - they have been hard to come by until now.

Anka Synoracka, Poland

I would recommend to anyone, not only the bread but also all different kinds of flours. They have a really good selection.

Hanna Gembała, Poland

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