Joanna Mazur biegnie z logo Incola


Incola supports an exceptional running couple! Joanna Mazur, a blind runner, and her partner, guide Michał Stawicki, are running with the INCOLA logo. We are pleased to support these runners in their preparations for the Paris Paralympic World Championships in 2023 and the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games (XVII Paralympic Summer Games 28.08-8.09).

Joanna Mazur and Michal Stawicki say of themselves: the only such duo.

She is a blind athlete, multi-medalist at the World and European Championships, fourth competitor at the Paralympic Games. Tokyo 2020 and he is her guide. Their greatest popularity came at the World Championships in London 2017. They won, but it’s not just about winning, it’s also about style!


They were awarded the statuette for the best athlete with a disability of 2017 in the ranking of the Sports Review poll. Joanna Mazur performed on the 11th edition of Dancing with the Stars in 2019. The couple Joanna Mazur and Jan Kliment won, and the story of the blind runner became known to the whole of Poland!

The story, determination, strength and extraordinary smile of Joanna Mazur made the INCOLA brand support athletes in hard training and on their way to medals. Additionally, the runner is on a gluten-free diet and our products accompany her in everyday life. And you will soon see for yourself that the running duo also prepares delicious and simple gluten-free dishes.