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Gluten-free Lemon Cupcake

This is a recipe that would work well for Easter, but who says you can’t bake this cupcake simply for no occasion?

This recipe will allow you to bake a delicious, gluten-free and strongly lemony one. The cupcake rises beautifully, is pleasantly lemony and meaty. And if you are tempted to add a lemon glaze (lemon juice + icing sugar) it will be hard to tear yourself away from it!

Prepare and share the cupcake with your loved ones. Easter tastes lemony this year!

1.5 hours
a portion for the whole family

for this recipe, we recommend::


70 ml oil (⅓ cup)

80 ml (⅓ cup) vegetable or cow’s milk – in this baking we used oat milk

80 g (⅔ cup) almond flour

200 g (1¼ cups) Incola gluten-free all-purpose mix

2 teaspoons baking powder

⅓ teaspoon turmeric (the addition of turmeric gives the cake a beautiful colour – but does not affect the taste)

zest grated from 3 lemons

juice squeezed from half a lemon

2 tablespoons sugar

4 eggs L

120 g erythrol or sugar (we suggest half and half, i.e. 60 g or 4 tbsp each)

Remember to make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature. Therefore, take them out of the fridge beforehand.

Grease a muffin tin with butter and place in the fridge for the duration of the cake preparation.


Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Start beating the egg whites on low speed of the mixer gradually increasing to maximum.

Whisk the sugar with the lemon zest (you should see droplets of essential oil from the zest).

Add the erythrol sugar in batches to the stiffly beaten egg whites and whisk continuously until thick and glossy.

Whisking constantly, add one egg yolk at a time, beating briefly after each.

Then, whisking constantly, pour in the oil, milk and juice squeezed from half a lemon in a thin stream.

Then add the almond flour and lemon zest whisked with the sugar.

Blend briefly, then sift in the all-purpose mix, baking powder and turmeric.

Mix just until the ingredients are combined. Pour the batter into the prepared tin. Place the muffin tin in a preheated oven at 180 degrees, top and bottom.

Bake for approx. 45-50 minutes until just cooked through. Take out of the tin after removing from the oven.

The entire cake has 2350 kcal
Proteins 60 g
Fat 140 g
Carbohydrates 220 g


Thanks for the recipe Zuza S. | Healthy, fit cakes

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